Hey! Guess what I heard?” Running to catch up with Nancy, Hank was out of breath. “What?” Nancy replied, wishing that Hank would dial it back a little. “Long Meadow is merging with LD Mobile Homes! Do you know what that means?” Hank exclaimed. “

Well, it means that one of our clients is disappearing” Nancy answered. “What else? “No, no! You don’t get iti” yelled Hank. He was becoming annoying. “We’ll now have a shot at LD’s business. We’ve never been able even to get an appointment before.” “What makes you think they’ll see us now?” Nancy asked evenly. But her mind was turning. Her insurance company was, perhaps, about to lose a client; instead, she saw an opportunity to gain an even larger account. She wasn’t sure how Hank knew about the merger, and she didn’t want to know. Now, however, presuming that Hank’s outburst was reliable, she needed a plan to turn his gossip into reliable information that would elicit an appointment What information does Nancy need to gather? Presuming that the merger is still a secret, how should she go about obtaining the necessary information to approach LD Mobile Homes? What strategies should Nancy employ? And when should she make her initial approach?

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