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A Bold Case Indeed

The production value of the video is strong, which should not be surprising given the nature of the firm being profiled. In the background are open-concept office plans, with headphone-clad young workers typing away at computers. In the foreground are employees of the firm, touting the firm’s products and processes—espousing terms like benefits, customer experience, and points of interaction.

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This is not a Silicon Valley company, but rather the Bold Innovation Group (BIG), originally from Île-des-Chênes, Manitoba, which boasted just over 1,500 residents in the 2016 census. The company’s acronym (BIG) accurately describes the aspirations of the firm.

BIG touts its biggest accomplishment as Shopify’s top Application and Development Partner. Shopify is an Ottawa-based e-commerce firm that specializes in developing online stores and point-of-sales systems for small businesses. The Shopify platform is surpassed only by Amazon and eBay, and as such has over 1 million active users and more than $34 billion in sales on the platform since it launched.

Bold has managed to find a niche in the Shopify world, by building apps that specifically assist small businesses that are using the Shopify platform. BIG has ridden the wave of growth, exposure, and success with its first Shopify-specific app: Product Upsell. The app is added to the Shopify platform and offers customers products related to the ones they have placed in their Shopify cart. Product Upsell is the highest-rated app in Shopify’s history.

The success of Product Upsell has allowed BIG to move up the growth ladder of firms. In 2015 BIG won the start-up of the year award in Winnipeg, and a few months later the firm won an award for medium-sized business. The growth for BIG has been exactly that, which is why in early 2016 the company moved from small-town Manitoba to Winnipeg, with a staff numbering over 100 in 2017.

And Bold continues to be bold: it has developed a new product development structure that allows it to create new ideas through separate companies that are allowed to develop independently to determine success. BIG has created a crowdfunding platform called Kickbooster that helps start-ups to get traction and attention to their online fundraising campaigns.

The key to developing any of BIG’s products is providing responsive customer support. From the first negative review of Product Upsell to the current work done on Kickbooster, the team at BIG has a strong customer focus that creates the high expectations that are set internally at BIG by its employees and leaders.

This strong focus on the customer

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