Chemist Warehouse stocks nappies from several brands, including:

  • Babylove – Cosifit (available in Newborn to Junior sizes)
  • Babylove – Nappy Pants (available in Wriggler to Junior sizes)
  • Huggies – Essentials (available in Newborn to Size 6)
  • Huggies – Ultra Dry (available in Size 3 to Size 6)
  • Huggies – Ultimate (available in Preemie to Size 5)
  • Noopii – Nappies (available in Infant to Walker sizes)
  • Noopii – Pants (available in Walker to Junior sizes)
  • Tooshies by TOM (available in Newborn to Size 6)

Marketing strategy and justification

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Develop a strategy that Chemist Warehouse could introduce to reduce the likelihood that consumers will experience choice overload when considering which brand of nappy to purchase. As part of your answer, explain how and why this strategy will reduce the likelihood that consumers will experience choice overload.

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