Explain what data collection method you would use to conduct research in the following situations. Be selective, do not use multiple methods. (2*4= 8 marks)

a. You wish to study quality of health care in 27 societies in semi-rural area. You are primarily concerned with the residents’ perceptions of health care and their use of various health care facilities.

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b. You are interested in expanding the product line of your company. You plan to collect data from a variety of sources. One source is the retailers who presently buy one of your products. How would you collect data from these retailers?

c. You are interested in studying the relationship between ego-involvement, leadership style and communication among the top management in the 10 most successful corporations in the Pakistan.

d. You are interested in determining the variables which relate to a consistent practice of energy conservation among middle class persons throughout the Pakistan and in urban, suburban and rural areas.

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