You are in the process of investigating the six key management employees. You look into their email and social media accounts and find that all six have Facebook pages, some with suspicious posts. You also find some Tweets that pique your interest. You have enough background information, so it is time to schedule interviews; it is time to question the six. Weaver Textile is only an hour and a half from T&M, so you arrange two sessions; you will interview three employees each day. You consider what you will ask each person as you prepare for the interviews. Make sure your questions get at the type of information you want for your investigation. In other words, even if you ask about something you saw in the employee’s social media post, or something related to the employee’s personal life, it needs to ultimately tie to direct evidence of the fraud that you are investigating. You will need proof before you identify an employee (s) as the fraud perpetrator. For the sake of this assignment that proof should include some direct evidence, not only circumstantial evidence. Direct evidence establishes, for a fact, that the person had a role in the fraud. Circumstantial evidence would be evidence that suggests they had a role but requires additional inference.

Scenario Update D Assignment

Write 7-10 questions for each of the six employees you will interview. You can ask some of the same questions to different employees, but many of your questions should be unique to that person and her/his responsibilities and position in the company. You can build-in follow-up questions, and these will count towards the question total. Put your questions on T&M letterhead. Make this a Memo to File and address it to “File” or yourself. You can number your questions, thus putting them in the order you plan on asking. This list of questions is sufficient for the assignment.

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