Each unit of product A manufactured and sold will contribute $48 to profit, and each unit of products Band Countries 195 and $50, respectively. However, manufacturing a unit of product Arequires a setup operation on the production in that is $900. Similarly, product B requires a set up cost of $1000. There are two operations operation 1 operation that bottleneck for resources. You have a total of 6000 hour available for operation 1 and 3000 hours for operation 2. Probat requires 2 hours of operation 1 and 6 hours of operation 2. Product B requires 3 hours of operation 1 and 3 hours of operation 2. Product C requires 4 hours of operation 2

Due to previous agreements, minimum amount of 400 units should be produced ‘l you decide to poudace wenty of products and 500 for any of product C. Formulate a model that could be used to determine how many units to produce from each of the three products in order to maximize profit. Make sure to follow the three steps clearly.

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