Read the following arguments and then identify all the sentences that futhit the specific roles listed below Have aliens from space really landed here on Earth during the last 10 years? Instead, could it be a topic used by tablolds to sell papers? Information from the US government’s report Project Blue Book ndicates that there is no evidence to support that sightings categorized as unidentified were extraterrestrial vehic However, one former US senator has suggested a different opinyon indicative of possible coverup v In fact agencies such as the National UFO Reporting Center continue to log UFO sighting each month while various polls support the belief that UFOs exist For example, video coverage of aircraft labeled as drones may have been this labeled Yes, everyone UFOs from outer space are real They are as real as sel driving automobiles A Example orustration B. Premise or promises Background info 5. Conclusion Repetition of conclusion of promiso

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