How does organizational culture and design develop in a start-up company?

Group of answer choices

a. Because most start-up companies are sole proprietorships and partnerships, most new companies have no need to identify a mission or to create an organizational culture because the owners are synonymous with the company’s goals and mission.

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b. In the early days of the business, the owners hire people they like and trust, but as the business grows, they hire outside people and need to develop a more explicit organizational culture and design.

c. he founders of start-up companies typically spell out a plan for their organizational culture and design in their initial business plan.

d. Once a start-up has received funding, its investors typically dictate the type of organizational culture and design that they require.

e. Most new companies begin operations with a strong sense of their organizational culture and design, but as the company grows, these guiding principles are no longer needed and are therefore abandoned in the quest for profit.

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