This is an individual Assignment.

Assessing and understanding the internal and external environment of a company is very critical to understanding the current state.

The objective of SWOT and Benchmarking techniques are to evaluate the enterprise’s performance and ensure that the company is operating efficiently.

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Often the results of a benchmarking study and/or a SWOT analysis will initiate change within the organization.

Your task is to read the case study: ‘Bon Star hotel and casino’ and provide a thorough assessment of the enterprise’s operations.

Benchmarking & Market



Comments (Elaborate)

Market Size

In Naimistan

Industry Concentration

High, Medium, Low

What makes it .

Market Saturation

High, Medium, Low

What makes it .

Product Life Cycle Stage

Intro, Growth, Mature, Decline

What makes it .

Level of Competition

High, Medium, Low;

‘Why’, ‘How’, ’What’ makes it

a .

Demand Drivers


Supply Drivers

Do other hotels exist creating


Power of Suppliers

High, Medium, Low

Power of Buyers

High, Medium, Low

Economies of Scale

Yes, No, Not sure?

Please provide opinion

SWOT Analysis

Please provide a minimum of 3





What makes it a strength?





What makes it a weakness?





What makes it an opportunity?





What makes it a threat?


Given your analysis what changes do you plan to implement to improve the operational performance

of the hotel?

The total report should be 2-3 pages in length. Double spaced, font size 12. Word or PDF

You can use this tabular format if you feel it works for you

Students are to read the case ‘Bon Star Hotel’ and conduct a SWOT analysis. Reference Material: CBAP/CCBA Study guide. Module 4 Power point slides. Recap:

A thorough SWOT analysis involves several steps, including a survey of the firm and its environment, an investigation and evaluation of significant factors, a categorization of major elements and a mapping onto a SWOT matrix.

Findings are presented in a 2 x 2 matrix.

The analysis must be honest and realistic. As well the analysis should be sequential:

  1. Brainstorming
  2. Clustering of themes
  3. Prioritization of key themes; discarding those that are vague and unsupported by data.
  4. Separate Weaknesses and Strengths

Strengths: Factors that underpin current great organization performance. Specifically, the strengths are found in the special expertise, reputation, cost advantages, technology and other factors that make the organization a good employer or leading competitor in the marketplace.

Weaknesses: Factors with the organization that negatively affect the quality of products or services, undermine sales, or increase costs. Weaknesses can also represent the absence of important strengths.

Opportunities: Business initiatives that generate increased sales or attract new customers. Opportunities can also arise through innovation, demographics, and other population shifts, change to regulation, new trade agreements, and other market forces.

Threats: Factors that will harm the performance of the organization. They can also arise from economic and social forces, government regulation and changes in technology,



  • What are the organizations core competencies?
  • What does it (Bon Star Hotel) do better than anyone else?
  • What unique resources can it draw on?
  • In what areas does it have a clear cost advantage over their competitors?
  • In what areas does Bon Star Hotel innovate?
  • What do people in the market see as its strengths?


  • What can the organization improve?
  • What does it do worse than their competitors (other hotels)?
  • In what areas does it have fewer resources than competitors?
  • What needs to change to success against the market-leading competitor?
  • What are other likely to see as a weakness?



  • What opportunities are open to the organization?
  • What market trend can it take advantage of?
  • What will customers (hotel patrons) demand in the future and will their price sensitivity change?
  • How can it turn strengths into new products and services?


  • What threats could undermine the

organization’s main business?

  • Who are the newest competitors?
  • What disruptive technologies are on the near horizon?
  • What are the main obstacles to growth?
  • What is the competition doing differently?
  • What threats arise from the internal weaknesses?
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