1) According to polls, which percent of adults believe that economic inequality is not a problem at all?

A) 90
B) 50
C) 30
D) 10
2) Which of the following is likely to be the permanent result of the recent economic downturn in the United States?
A) Almost all of the jobs lost will not return.
B) About half of the jobs lost will not return.
C) About a quarter of the jobs lost will not return.
D) Almost all of the jobs lost will return.
3) Three important things to know about organizational culture is that it is
1) perceived,
2) descriptive, and3)
A) consistent
B) shared
C) ethical
D) visible

4) Apple, which lives and breathes new product development, emphasizes which dimension of organizational culture?
A) member identity
B) innovation
C) people focus
D) conflict tolerance

5) Which kind of organizational culture do the following values describe? 1. Don’t be lazy or sloppy 2. It’s better to try a good idea and fail then to stick with a bad idea. 3. When you think your product is perfect, go back and try to make it better.
A) a company that values innovation more than quality
B) an innovative, risk-taking company that has high standards
C) a company that values quality more than innovation
D) a conservative, risk-averse company that has high standards

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