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Many social commentators maintain that youth and teens
are becoming more alike across countries over time. Others,
though not disputing the fact, point out that differences
between cultures at even younger ages by far exceed the
similarities. Which point of view do you take and why?

1. I debated point that the differences between people of different cultures far outweigh their similarities. Differences between cultures are usually decreasing because cultural exchange occurs between different cultures in real time and in large quantities as communication tools developed. However, there is still existing differences in language, environment, physical, economic, and geographical. Because these differences exist, and economical and historical differences exist as well, it is not easy to expect that differences between national cultures will be integrated. Of course, even if the direction in which a whole human develops can be somewhat consistent, and the difference between cultures can be slightly reduced due to cultural exchange via developed communication, it is likely to last for a long time. For example, many people in the world have individual differences. Just as a person’s personality does not disappear, differences in characteristics between cultures will not disappear easily even if they experience common development.

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