“Two video game devices have been released this week. We have spent all week playing the GameStation 4 and the PocketPlay. Which did I prefer? Read on to find out! The main difference between the two devices is that the PocketPlay is portable. The GameStation 4 is designed to be played at home as it needs to be plugged into a TV, whereas the PocketPlay can be carried around to play on the go. Both are powerful devices, however the GameStation 4 offers more memory which means better graphics. Unlike the GameStation 4, the PocketPlay is available in 5 fun colours. The GameStation 4 is able to connect to the internet so you can play against your friends all over the world. Similarly, the PocketPlay offers online play. The difference is that while online play on the GameStation 4 costs $10 per month, it is free on the PocketPlay. The GameStation 4 already has a huge library of 32 games and it will play all of your favourite DVDs. In contrast, the PocketPlay has a smaller library and doesn’t play DVDs. While they are both fantastic, I prefer the PocketPlay for gaming on the go!”

States 3 differences and similarities for Gamestation4 and pocketplay.

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