I am failing a course about strategy and implementation in healthcare… that being said, in less than a week I need to come up with an outstanding paper about ways to comply with HIPAA rules. Basically, I am picking the organization Mayo Clinic. I need to write my paper, and create a timelime/implementation plan for said initiative. So, in detail, my question is what type of initiatives would be best in complying with HIPAA rules to prevent violations. Please provide any solutions and resources please!!!

These are my inclusions:

The final plan should include the following components:

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  1. SWOT Analysis
  2. Financial Analysis and Budget
  3. Strategy
  4. Implementation Schedule
  5. Strategic Evaluation: Discuss specific tools to be used to monitor the implementation success of the initiative and explain why ongoing strategic evaluation and the willingness and ability to adjust strategy is necessary for successful implementation of the initiative.
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