If several years ago you were asked to provide your Supply Chain Management input into how Canada should negotiate with the United States & Mexico regarding a new North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), also known as CUSMA, USMCA, and other names. What would be your recommendations based on the 10 best practices for Negotiators outlined in Chapter 14 of the Essentials of Negotiation third Canadian edition textbook? In other words, how would you suggest that your country’s government does each of the following best practices?

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The 10 best practices are:

  1. Be prepared.
  2. Diagnose the fundamental structure of the negotiation.
  3. Identify and work the BATNA.
  4. Be willing to walk away.
  5. Master the key paradoxes of the negotiation.
  6. Remember the intangibles.
  7. Actively manage coalitions.
  8. Savour and protect your reputation.
  9. Remember that rationality and fairness are relative.
  10. Continue to learn from your experiences.
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