Canadians tend to have:

Select one:
a. a high collectivism value orientation.
b. a high nurturing-orientation value.
c. a high nurturing-orientation value and a low individualistic value orientation.
d. a low individualistic value orientation.
e. a high individualistic value orientation.
Screening out information that is contrary to our values and assumptions is called:
Select one:
a. locus of control
b. confirmation bias
C. value-affirmation
d. selective attention
e. screening bias
Our likelihood of noticing a person or object depends on its:
Select one:
a. size.
b. novelty.
C. All of the answers are correct.
d. intensity.
e. motion.
Sidney generally had a negative view of company competitors, and felt that everyone he worked with had a similar view. This is an example of
Select one:
a. stereotyping.
b. contrast effects.
c. selective perception.
d. the halo effect.
e. projection.
The tendency to overestimate our performance and capabilities and see ourselves in a more positive light than others see is known as

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