Be sure your answers are complete and accurate to get full points. Short answers with out analysis will NOT receive full credit. Inaccurate answers will NOT receive any credit. Incomplete answers will also NOT receive full credit. Answers without any analysis or application of the principles in the text will NOT receive any credit. Accordingly, be sure to discuss all the principles learnt in the Chapter and other Reading as the questions are designed to test YOUR understanding of all the principles discussed in the text. The questions are meant to apply YOUR analysis and YOUR understanding of the principles set forth in the text and not to merely “rewrite” the text as your answers. The question is highlighted.

You are a Property Manager and you have been approached by an owner of a 10 unit apartment complex to manage her property. She asks you to provide a detailed Promotional and Advertising Plan as to how you would generate interest for the units in her apartment building and secure good tenants to occupy her units. Set forth a complete proposal of generating interest in the property including any steps you may advise or take to the property itself.You should make any assumptions you need to in order to market the property properly and completely.

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