For this Active Learning exercise, assume your marketing research course requires team projects and your team decides to research why students at your university chose to attend it. Your five-member team will conduct telephone interviews of 200 students selected at random from your university’s student directory, with each team member responsible for completing 40 interviews by calling from his or her apartment or dorm room. You have volunteered to supervise the telephone interviewing. You have read about the tight controls in effect with central telephone interview companies, and you realize that quality assurance procedures should be in place with your student team member telephone interviewers. To satisfy each of the following telephone quality issues, what procedure would you propose to use?

You may want to review the descriptions of how central location telephone surveys are conducted to see if your answers to these questions about your team research project are consistent with standard practices in marketing research described in this chapter. After you complete this exercise, write about how control of telephone interviews would be easier if done in a central location telephone facility.

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