Deadwood Backpackers is a retail catalog store in South Dakota that specializes in outdoor clothing and camping equipment. A large pool of computer operators, some of whom are permanent and some temporary take phone orders each day. A permanent operator can process an average of 80 orders per day, whereas a temporary operator can process an average of 60 orders per day. The company averages at least 750 orders per day. The store has 10 computer workstations. Each workstation has one worker. A permanent operator processes about 1.6 orders with errors each day, whereas a temporary operator averages 3.2 orders with errors daily. The store wants to limit errors to 20 per day. A permanent operator is paid $90 per day, including benefits, and a temporary operator is paid $62 per day. The company wants to know the number of permanent and temporary operators to hire to minimize costs. a. Formulate an integer programing model for this problem and solve it by using the computer. b. Which constraints are binding? c. If they increased the production minimum requirement to 760 per day what would be the impact on the optimal solution? What would be the impact if they increased the total to 770 per day? d. Management was thinking of buying one more workstation. What impact would this have on total wages?


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