Bob and Sue Penny produce handmade wooden furniture in a workshop on their farm during the winter months. In late February, they purchased 250 board feet of solid cherry wood. They plan to make kitchen tables, chairs and stools during March. Once April starts, farm work takes up all of their time. Thus, everything must be completed and sold by the end of March. Between them, Bob and Sue have 300 hours that they can devote to this project. Each table requires 25 hours to make, each chair requires 15 hours, and each stool requires 9 hours. A table uses 36 board feet of wood, a chair uses 14 board feet, and a stool uses 5 board feet. A table earns $550 profit, a chair earns $205, and a stool earns $75. Most people who buy a table also want four chairs, so they decide to make enough chairs so that there are at least four chairs for every table. All variables are restricted to integer values Use Solver to answer these questions. a. How many of each piece of furniture should they make in order to maximize their profit? What is their total profit? b. Which constraints are binding? c. If they could purchase another 10 board feet for $80 should they make the purchase? Justify your answer d. They wonder if they increased their hours to 310 hours, how much more they would earn for the extra 10 hours? How much do they earn per hour for these extra 10 hours? How does this compare to earning rate for the initial 300 hours.

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