John is planning on taking his family on a planned vacation. He is going camping. Unfortunately, on the day he is scheduled to leave, his truck with the trailer hitch breaks down. The truck will require repairs that will prevent John and his family from going on the vacation, and he will lose his deposit. John calls you to ask if he can borrow your truck to take his trailer camping.

As John is driving into the campsite he misjudges the distance from a tree and scrapes the rear panel of the truck causing serious damage.

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Note: Please ignore insurance in answering this question.

  1. What responsibility does John have legally for the damage to your vehicle, and why? Please identify the correct term for each party. (4 marks)
  2. Would John’s responsibility be the same if he had rented the truck from a car rental business? Please identify the correct term for each party. (4 marks)
  3. What would be your responsibility if John had borrowed your vehicle to go to a job interview? Would your “names” change from your answer in (i)? If so, what would each party be called? (4 marks)
  4. Would your answer to part (i) be the same if the damage had occurred because of a storm that knocked down a branch causing the damage to the truck? If so, how and why would it be different? (2 marks)


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