A university defined four core processes in relation to teaching. An evaluation of strategic importance, health, and feasibility using a survey among the department chairs has resulted in the following assessment:

  • Develop and Manage Study Programs: Importance 90%, Health 40%, Feasibility 40%.
  • Market Study Programs: Importance 95%, Health 80%, Feasibility 60%.
  • Schedule Courses: Importance 75%, Health 30%, Feasibility 50%.
  • Deliver Courses: Importance 95%, Health 70%, Feasibility 30%.
  • Manage Student Services: Importance 85%, Health 50%, Feasibility 80%.
  • Manage Facilities: Importance 40%, Health 75%, Feasibility 30%.

Determine and list which processes to be selected for process improvement considering a process portfolio. Justify your choice. Note: you do not require to draw process portfolio diagram in your answer script.

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