As we learn in chapter 6, strategy is a plan for what the organization will do next – how they will compete, how they will be different from competitors, and how they will succeed. In this assignment, you’ll examine the strategy for a recent merger involving CVS and then apply the concepts to an organization you have been involved with.


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View the Video- CVS in the next tab in this module, return here and respond to the following questions for CVS specifically.

  1. Analyze thebusiness environment for the industry where the company is located. What trends/changes are occurring in the marketplace?
  2. Identify with rationale the current corporate-level strategy being pursued.
  3. Going forward, what do you recommend this company do to become more competitive? (Hint, take a look at the Porter’s Competitive strategies from Chapter 6 as a start)
  4. Next- Apply the concepts to an organization you are currently with or were involved with in the past. Pick the organization and respond to the same three question above for your organization.


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