Which of the following statements is correct regarding planning function?

O a. It is prepared only by top level management.
ob. It is an on-going process according the company’s operational needs.
Oc. It is a time consuming and waste of resources.
od. It is a onetime process and only carried out every beginning of the year.
Which of the following items is a weakness for the organization?
O a. Poor quality of finished products
o b Location of the business unit
O C. Hefty competition in a local market
O d. Huge investment from foreign countries
The meaning of developing derivative plans is to
a. prepare procedures to execute the plan
b. all the options are correct
c. prepare policies to implement the plan
d. prepare rules to support the planning function

In decision making process, the worst alternative is the one which have
a. More negatives with less positives
b. More positives with less negatives
c. More positives with more negatives
d. Less positives with less negatives


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