Business Law:

Be specific, precise and concise by using professional key words used in business law. Please write your name and section and submit printed hard copy in class on the specified date and time)

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Jones reaches her construction site on a Monday morning to find her firm’s front-end loader missing from where it had been left the previous Friday. Advising police, she further places an advertisement in the newspaper offering a $2,000 reward for information leading to the return of the loader. Later in the week, Smith discovers the loader abandoned on his farm property, and from the name and telephone number painted on the loader, calls Jones to find out how it got there. Jones recovers the loader and says nothing of the reward. Smith later reads the newspaper, becomes aware of the reward, and attempts to claim it from Jones.

(In order to obtain the marks assigned for each question, please note that you MUST start your answer with ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ in case of Yes/No questions below)

a) Can Smith accept the offer? (Yes/No) why?

b) Did Smith return the loader without the intention of creating a contract? (Yes / No). Explain

c) Is there any intention of creating a contract? (Yes / No). Explain

d) What kind of act did Smith perform? Explain

e) Can he later claim the right to payment? (Yes / No). Discuss


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