What is your gender pronoun?

a. She/hers/her
b. He/his/him
c. Prefer not to answer
d. Other (please specify).
8. When is the best time to break up with your partner?
a. Late at night
b. First thing in the morning
c. Over the phone
d. In-person
e. Via social media such Instagram
9. How many times have you posted on social media in the past 6 months?
Which of the following is a fair critique of Question #7 of the questionnaire?
a. The question is overly taxes the memory of the respondent.
b. The format should be open ended only
c. The question is better suited for women than it is for men
d. The question is fine as it is
Adding an additional option to Question 8 of the questionnaire, such as ‘f. not applicable would turn the question into a dichotomous question
a. True
b. False

What is wrong with Question #97 (extra credit 2 points)
a. It’s too short
b. It excessively takes the memory
c. It’s too personal
d. Most people don’t post on social media and therefore would not be able to answer the question

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