Crowdfunding Campaign

Using the crowdfunding checklist below, outline the tasks involved in launching an effective crowdfunding campaign for YOUR business project company.

  • How would you go about implementing each?
  • Discuss specific strategies
  • How would you avoid common mistakes?

Use paragraph format for the overall paper, but insert a bullet list for the specific strategies above.

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Crowdfunding Checklist

Crowdfunding Tip Stage of Completion from 1 to 5 with 5 = Fully Accomplished – you would evaluate the point of completion by the numbers 1 – 5 [#1 = not or newly started]

1. Make sure your product or service solves a real problem.

2. Test and refine your idea.

3. Be prepared.

4. Seek and accept advice.

5. Get your campaign started—now!

6. Money matters.

7. Focus on the pitch.

8. Make the most of crowdfunding opportunities.

9. Commit to your campaign.

10. Avoid the crowdfunding curse!

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