Highland Appliance must determine how many color TVs and VCRs should be stocked. It costs Highland $300 to purchase a color TV and $200 to purchase a VCR. A color TV requires 3 sq yd of storage space, and a VCR requires 1 sq yd of storage space. The sale of a color TV earns Highland a profit of $150, and the sale of a VCR earns Highland a profit of $100. Highland has set the following goals (listed in order of importance):

Goal 1 A maximum of $20,000 can be spent on purchasing color TVs and VCRs.

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Goal 2 Highland should earn at least $11,000 in profits from the sale of color TVs and VCRs.

Goal 3 Color TVs and VCRs should use no more than 200 sq yd of storage space.

Formulate a preemptive goal programming model that Highland could use to determine how many color TVs and VCRs to order. How would the preemptive goal formulation be modified if Highland’s goal were to have a profit of exactly $11,000?


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