Rena is looking to purchase a new printing machine which will be able to output more than 10,000 sheets of paper per day. She contacts PrintRight, the largest manufacturer of printing machinery to seek their advice. A sales representative of PrintRight suggests the Sumo machine, which she says, in her experience, should be able to output 20,000 sheets per day. Relying on this advice, Rena purchases a Sumo machine and secures several large printing jobs, which require her to be able to print between 14,000 and 16,000 pages per day. Once the Sumo machine is in use, it is barely able to print 10,000 pages per day. Rena contacts PrintRight to obtain a refund. PrintRight denies any liability and points to their standard contract which makes no assurance as to printing capacity. Can Rena hold the manufacturer (PrintRight) liable to the verbal statement of its sales representative? Your Task: Advise Rena whether she is legally entitled to get a refund from PrintRight as claimed. You must follow ILAC in your advice and give reasons for your answer referring to legislation and/or cases, as relevant, to support your arguments.
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