The Marketing Director of the Spero Company (Latin for hope) is meeting with you to see if you can help them with their brand. While the Spero Company enjoys a high level of loyalty among its key clients and is recognized as a market leader in the industry, she feels that they don’t have a strong connection with newer, smaller customers. She wants to find a way to build brand equity with them.

The firm manufactures industrial-grade electronic console equipment for use in control rooms in the medical, public safety, transportation, and aerospace industries who demand reliable, 24 hour support from qualified manufacturers. The company is known for top management’s commitment to providing precision installation, master-level customer training, and personal attention. Customers are willing to pay a premium for high quality, durable, and reliable products from firms with outstanding support and solid reputation.

These are expensive products often requiring customization and installation to rigorous, high-quality standards. In addition, regular software updates are offered by Spero to clients as part of an ongoing planned maintenance and repair program to fix software problems and maintain the integrity of the electronic data.

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Although they have received the industry’s prestigious durability and reliability award for the past seventeen years, inferior products by new competitors offering lower prices have prevented them from gaining market share among new, smaller organizations She’s not sure how to market to these smaller prospects. She then looks at you and starts to tell you about her idea for a new advertising campaign using radio, outdoor, and print that features people having fun at tropical vacation destinations and special discount prices to attract these prospects…

When thinking of messaging for Spero, the consumer’s pain points was described in class as this:

Select one:

a. Competition

b. Consumer’s Decision Criteria

c. Brand Differentiation

d. Brand Equity

e. Brand Strengths

f. Brand Positioning

Given the nature of the exchange with Spero, would a customer have no doubt or some doubt when first entering the relationship with Spero as to whether the brand would always have their best interests in mind?

Select one:

a. Some Doubt

b. No Doubt

Determining a company’s positioning entails focusing on the identification and ranking of only the pain points in which the company believes it is better than the competition. (1-Point)

Select one:



According to the case above, the pain point of new, smaller prospects when making a purchase decision regarding industrial grade console equipment is price.

Select one:



Given the doubt and uncertainty of a relational exchange, what is necessary to ensure the customer’s ongoing commitment to the Spero brand?

Select one:

a. Money-Back Guarantee

b. Vacation Give-a-ways

c. Brand Connection

d. Brand Trust

e. Customer Testimonials

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