The Ticketing System

Weight: 5% of the final

Due no later than 11:00p.m. on Sunday of Unit
2 Objectives CLO 1, CLO 2, CLO 3, CLO4

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On successful completion
of this assignment, students should be able to:

understand the project
management planning process and outline in detail different facets of project
execution. monitoring, controlling, and closing:

– explain specific inputs, tools, techniques,
and outputs that allow project managers to execute, control, and close projects

explore the entire range
of key issues and fully articulate the potential pros and cons of the possible
measures, and

– make effective project management decisions
and communicate succinctly

Accessed from the
following Textbook:

Milosevic, D. Z.,
Patanakul, P. & Srivannahoon S. (2010).

The Ticketing System. In Case studies in
project, program, and organizational project management (pp. 69-72). Hoboken,
NJ: John Wiley & Sons Inc.

The Ticketing System
Case assignment presents a story of a successful project based on a small
internal IT project. This issue-based case portrays the issues in the carly
phases of the project, such as understanding problems and requirements,
scarching for options, and making decisions. The case also discusses a project
management approach that the project team used, which is quite different from
typical project management process methodology


in your analysis of this
case, you must ensure that you include the following: .

An introductory
paragraph and a brief summary of Ticketing System case study

. • An explanation the
project management approach that was used in this case and its effectiveness.

Critically analyse how
project planning was done in the Ticketing System

Make at least three (3)
recommendations for improving the Ticketing System planning OR if you believe
there planning process was very well executed, describe three (3) instances
where planning was done well-making specific references to the case.

• A short paragraph as

All submissions must be
done through the online Turnitin portal in Moodle. Similarity percentage MUST
NOT exceed 15%

Submission Instructions

Read the Case Study associated with the
specific unit carefully, then proceed as follows

: Prepare a response
that is 750 words or maximum of 3 pages double-spaced (excluding title page and
reference page) You should follow APA format and referencing style.

2. While there info…online case studies, the
follow widelnemented

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