CEO Update:
A review of the IRSC BAS Inc. will reveal that the business has grown much too fast for the people to keep up with change and growth. As the CEO, I believe is it time to make some significant change. Some of the issues we will be addressing over the next few months will include:
We have a disconnected staff that appear to have issues making sure the business is profitableOur Human Resource Policies are non-existentOur Product Portfolio needs to be reworked to provide revenue streams to maintain our standing as a top Florida companyCustomer satisfaction is fading and this will not be toleratedOur contracts are not legally sound and it is costing us moneyWe need a new direction and a new imageChange is scary, even for a Maverick like myself. It is, however, time for change to be implemented. I expect a great deal from my people – I expect sound leadership.
CEO Expectations for this individual proposal:
To get started with the change process for IRSC BAS, Inc, we need to begin with our communication issues. As you are a director in our company, I am expecting you to resolve this communication issue that we are facing. Marketing, Service, and Contracts are in a running battle in regards to a large customer. Teamwork is not present. You need to resolve this conflict in a memo. Remember to include enough specifics to get us on track by taking a leadership position and squelching grapevine rumors, but be concise enough to keep this down to a short memo. Use proper memo format.*Note: Make sure to consult the prospectus file when working on these cases, as there are many important details relevant to IRSC BAS, Inc in that document.GEB3213 Business writing.


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