Which of the following (more than one) are star “types” cited by Richard Dyer?

Select one or more:
a. Good Joe
b. Tough guy
C. Sidekick
d. Pin-up
e. Megalomaniac
Per Linda Williams’ “Melodrama Revised”, what are some of the tenets of melodrama?
Select one:
a. It is associated with a space of innocence
b. It focuses on victim heroes and the recognition of their virtue
C. Melodrama does not borrow from realism
d. Both a and b
e. All of the above
Instead of having access to the real person, audiences experience a star’s constructed image according to which two (2) codes? Select one or more:
a. Interpersonal
b. Cultural
c. Emotional
d. Filmic
e. Intellectual
According to Dyer, the star phenomenon reflects a basic conflict between the ordinary and extraordinary; we identify with them but they remain a breed apart.
Select one:
O True
O False

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