Giant Tiger Stores Ltd. is planning to expand its footprint as demand for discount products surges amid the pandemic. The retailer has plans to increase its store count to 300 across the country, up from its current 259 locations, and is investing upgrades for both e-commerce and stores. “Our bricks and mortar coverage of the country still trails the pack a little bit,” said Paul Wood, a veteran company executive who was appointed president and CEO of Giant Tiger last fall. But the company will be selective in terms of where it opens new stores, he said. “As a private company, we make our decisions based on
what’s best for the long-term profitability and success of the company,” Wood said. “The absolute number that we open in any given year is dictated by opportunity-not trying to hit a specific target.” Industry watchers say Giant Tiger sits in a sweet spot between competitors, offering a more convenient layout than a big box store but a wider selection than a dollar store. They say the store’s format and product mix has been especially appealing to shoppers during the pandemic, when many consumers are looking to save money. “They have an interesting price point that is above Dollarama but below Walmart,” retail analyst Bruce Winder said.
In dass we discussed market segmentation Describe two ways Giant Tiger could segment the market, and from the two segmentation methods you chise, describe the target market for Gant Tiger?
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