Overview: A global agricultural chemical company produces a large variety of chemicals used as pesticides, plant growth regulators, and seed treatment applications. As the company produces chemicals that are put on food, they are very closely regulated by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency). Each time a change is made to the ingredients or instructions for use (e.g. crops added or changed, major ingredient changed), a revision must be made to the packaging. This revision results in a date code revision on the packaging. The date code indicates revision number and date; e.g. 013/01/23/17. Keeping track of current packaging is becoming extremely difficult resulting in a great deal of time going back and forth between subcontractors, warehouses, and procurement. What would you do to alleviate the problem? Mislabeling products can result in huge fines by the government. All packaging is assigned an SKU number in the computer system.

Instructions: This week’s assignment is to prepare a 2-page paper indicating how you would solve the problem of accurate package labeling and compliance. Topics should include 1. What would you do to ensure correct packaging is used to avoid penalties?

2. How would you handle obsolete packaging within storage locations?

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3. How would packaging revisions affect Bills of Material?

4. HIghlight the importance of SKUs and how they can adversely affect production. Requirements: • Your paper should be 2 pages in length not including the reference page. • Your paper should illustrate the importance of SKUs. • Follow APA Guidelines per the Guidelines posted in the Course Introduction. • Include a reference page.

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