1. Should OSHA’s enforcement activities be expanded? why or why not?
Please answer the question in at least 3 paragraphs, be consistent and clear. If you want me to like your response, answer correctly. Thank you!

SUMMARY Public policy regarding occupational safety and health has focused on state-run workers’ compensation programs for job-related injuries and federally mandated preventive measures to enhance job safety and health. OSHA enforces the provi sions of the 1970 Occupational Safety and Health Act, under which employers have a “general duty” to provide a place of employment “free from recognized hazards.” Employers also have the special duty to comply with all standards of for decades, but it is important to note that workplace accidents can result either safety and health established under the act. OSHA’s effectiveness has been debated unsafe work conditions. There are no standards that govern potentially unsafe from unsafe work conditions or from unsafe work behaviors. OSHA can affect only employee behaviors. with coronaviruses; high-technology products, such as semiconductors, and diseases A major concern of employers today is the possible health hazards associated related to radiation or carcinogenic substances that may have long latency periods. In response, OSHA has established or toughened workplace exposure limits for many carcinogenic substances. Management’s first duty in this area is to develop a safety and health policy, Management’s second duty is to establish controls that include a loss-control program, a safety committee, safety rules, careful selection of employees, extensive training, and feedback and incentives for maintaining a safe work environment. Employee assistance programs represent a brighter side of the health issue. Such programs offer assistance to all “troubled” employees (e.g., as a result of drug or alco- hol abuse or financial difficulties). Under an EAP, supervisors need be concerned only with identifying declining work performance, not with involving themselves in em- ployee problems. Treatment is left to professionals. Finally, health promotion, or “wellness,” programs differ from EAPs in that their primary focus is on prevention, not rehabilitation. Both EAPs and wellness programs hold considerable promise for improving productivity, quality of work life, and profits.

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