You chose a type of business to operate and selected a form for operating that business (LLC, sole proprietorship, etc.) Assume that your business has been very successful and now you would like to expand and operate your business internationally.

¨¨My choice of intellectual property is a small pill which can be consumed and once it is in our stomach for one hour it tells our internal health deficiencies. This pill will have the unique property of having the ability to analyse each organs in our body. If it finds any foreign body then it reports it immediately. It tell us in which areas our body is lagging and what we are having in excess. In this way we can assess what is needed for our body and what can be reduced in future. This will help in avoiding major sickness which arises from food deficiency.¨¨

1. What foreign country or countries would you want to do business in? Why?

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2. How would you choose to begin operating in the foreign country? (i.e. direct exporting, licensing or creating a franchise, foreign subsidiary, or joint venture, etc.) Why did you choose this method for your expansion?

3. How does the international aspect increase the complexity of dispute resolution?

4. Is your chosen country (or countries) a signatory to the New York Convention? What is the effect of the New York Convention?

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