:Despite these benefits, many of us choose not to delegate or do it poorly. Delegating responsibility is easy to understand yet hard to do; however, not delegating can be disastrous (Holmes 1999).

Some reasons people fail to delegate include: . Lack of time. Perhaps you feel you can do it yourself more quickly. While training will be needed to ensure a task is done correctly, not training means the next time the task needs to be done, you will be doing it yourself.

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Delegation is important. . Perfectionism. Perhaps you feel you can do it better, which may be true; however, letting others perform a task enables them to learn, grow and develop. Let go of the idea that asking a less-qualified person to do a task seems illogical (Foegen 1998). . Fear of surrendering authority. Perhaps you fear a loss of power. If you believe that you are the only one who can do something, that belief reinforces your perception that you maintain control or power in a situation. The truth is, few employees are indispensable. .

Lack of confidence in staff. Perhaps you don’t trust in the abilities of your staff or you fear they might purposely fail to make you look bad. Build trust by delegating a simple, low-risk task and progress from there. Dual accountability.

Perhaps you feel that this task is your responsibility and that it’s not right to share that responsibility with someone else.

Certain tasks, such as personnel issues, should not be delegated; many other tasks can and should be delegated. By delegating, you help others build their skills and feel more satisfied about their contributions.


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