Mr. Andrew is a 75-year-old retired professor. He has been in residential care for over 6 years now and has improved dramatically over the last 2 years. Mr. Andrews believes in staying healthy and active. As a former professor, he tells stories of how he had been an inspiration to many people, including his former students. He is very proud of his achievements. One of his famous sayings is, “You are what you believe you are.” Recently, however, he fell sick and has been very worried about his situation. It has been a while since he has seen any family members and friends. Many of the nurses have been concerned, too, because he has been behaving differently and forgets the things that he once knew. Mr. Andrew now perceives that he has been abandoned and must strive on the resources that he has available in the facility to sustain himself. He has been moving around and making more friends in the facility and taking part in activities. His disposition has changed, and he is now responding positively to tests and treatment.

Talk about the following :

1.What factors facilitate self-empowerment?

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2.What factors hinder self-empowerment?

3.How can seniors use the Health Belief Model to empower themselves?

4.What are some assessment tools that are used to determine the needs of older adults for services?

5.Talk about the psychological factors that affect adjustment and self-empowerment in seniors.

6.Talk about the cultural factors that affect adjustment and self-empowerment in seniors.

7.Talk about the social factors that affect adjustment and self-empowerment in seniors.

8.What interventions would you recommend to address these problems?

9,Select one of the frameworks for care delivery, and outline some of its drawbacks.

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