Retail Marketing

Discussion forums provide students the opportunity to apply and share their retail marketing knowledge, exchange their ideas, and viewpoints on retail marketing issues, and learn from experiences of each other. Discussion forums also build a sense of learning community in students and aim to develop the critical-thinking skills of students. You are expected to make insightful and professional comments and statements during discussion sessions. In other words, do not make short and ordinary comments and statements. 1-2 sentences are not enough to make the participation grade. You need to read the assigned chapters to be able to participate in discussions effectively. Also, try to use retail marketing jargon or terminology in your comments and statements as much as you can.

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Discuss this statement: “A competitive retail sector, facing an uncertain economic future, is being challenged by consumers to compete for their business. In this environment, only the fittest and those really listening to what their customers really want are likely to survive.”

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