________ is construed as a cognitive process that allows an individual to recognize and exploit entrepreneurial opportunities

a. Entrepreneurial drive

b. Need for achievement

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c. Alertness

d. Entrepreneurial passion

Which of the following is not an affective process that describes the role of compassion in social entrepreneurship?

Inducing prosocial judgments regarding the costs and benefits of social entrepreneurship

b. Fostering commitment to alleviate others’ suffering

c. Advantageous comparison

d. Integrative thinking

Bill and Emma are discussing social entrepreneurs’ motivations to engage in the creation of social ventures. Bill argues that people become social entrepreneurs because they feel a moral obligation to address social issues. Emma believes that people are willing to start social ventures because they feel there are a lot of injustices in the world. In other words, people engage in SE to redress perceived social injustices. Bill’s view of social entrepreneurs’ motivation is consistent with

a. The social justice model

b. The model of moral engagement

c. The model of compassion

d. Need theories of motivation

Which of the following is consistent with the push theory of entrepreneurship?

a. People engage in entrepreneurship to exploit opportunities.

b. People engage in entrepreneurship to become their own bosses

C. People engage in entrepreneurship because they want to prove themselves

d. People engage in entrepreneurship because they do not have any other viable options.

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