Josie is a lawyer with twin sons, age 12. Josie is resting in her bedroom when she hears loud noises in the family room. She springs up, runs to the family room, and sees one son, Phobos, punch the other son, Gandalf. Josie immediately orders Phobos to stay in his room for the rest of the day and not use the internet for 48 hours. As Phobos mopes along the hallway to his room, Phobos shouts, “Gandalf punched me first!” What legal principle would Josie recognize Phobos’ remark as being?

a. jus ad Bellum because Gandalf’s action is what actually started the fight (the “war”)
b. in pari materia because Gandalf attacked in the same manner as did Phobos
c. caveat emptor because Phobos thinks he is right
d. ad hoc because Phobos is adding an accusation against his opponent, Gandalf
e. in pari delicto because they (Phobos and Gandalf) are at equal fault

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