An ad for Richardson’s Menswear, a brand of men’s work clothing, was designed to promote a colonoscopy exam campaign organized by the company. The ad described why it was important for men to have the procedure and focus on their health. Which copy style was used in the ad? Multiple Choice picture-caption copy device copy straight-sell copy institutional copy dialogue copy Maxwell owns a floral design studio. When customers pick up their floral arrangements, he always encourages them to call him if they have any problems with the flowers. What type of relationship does this represent? Multiple Choice partnership O basic transactional relationship proactive relationship accountable relationship reactive relationship When using the DAGMAR approach, Russell Colley said the objective should focus on making sure consumers know the brand exists. Which of the DAGMAR outcomes is Colley concerned with? Multiple Choice O placement awareness action conviction hong O comprehension The purpose of the IMC research being conducted by Feldman & Associates is to help define the product concept for their proposed line of dental care products. Which type of research is the company conducting? Multiple Choice strategy research message pretesting creative concept research ? message posttesting tracking What occurs in barter syndication? w Multiple Choice It involves former popular network programs sold to individual stations for rebroadcast. It involves the process of showing different television series at the same time daily so that it appears as a strip across an entire week It involves first-run programs offered free or for a reduced rate, but with some of the ad space presold to national advertisers. It involves original shows which are produced specifically for the syndication market It functions through a system in which episodes of a television series are run many times a day. Sophia’s Sultry Scents, a line of luxury perfume, uses a standardized approach to marketing and advertising in all countries in which they do business. Sophia’s would be considered a(n) Multiple Choice O multidomestic corporation foreign marketer international exporter national corporation. global marketer A radio station in Southland, Texas has a quarter-hour listenership of 44,800. If the station has an average quarter hour listenership of 7,200, what is its average quarter-hour rating? Multiple Choice O 53.3 percent 0 112 percent 16.07 percent 487 percent 65.25 percent Management Trends is a publication that focuses on the skills needed to manage employees. It informs professionals in various industries about the latest methods and practices for managers. According to the classification of business publications based on readership, this magazine is an example of a(n) publication Multiple Choice vertical horizontal O integrated ? base O paid Quality of advertising reproduction is a factor known to increase attention value. W True or False True False

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