Find the following article: Rune Lines – Influence of participation in strategic change: Resistance, organizational commitment and change goal achievement in the 2004 Journal of Change Management Write an annotation that incorporates the principles we have covered in class. This annotation MUST be a Microsoft Word document. No other formats (e_9.pdf pages, etc) are acceptable: they will not be graded. Your annotation must address the following in no more than 250 words: 1. What is the topic or subject area of the article? 2. What is the issue being addressed, or alternatively, what is the objective of the article? 3. What are the author(s) findings/conclusions? 4. Provide a critical reflection In addition, go to the reference section of the article; focus ONLY on the articles that come from academic journals (NOT BOOKS); in a separato paragraph that does not count toward the 250-word limit of the annotation, IDENTIFY THE THREE MOST INFLUENTIAL ARTICLES IN THE REFERENCE LIST AND RANK-ORDER THEM, tell me why you picked the three and why you ranked them the way you did. To determine how influential a particular article is to check Google Scholar to see how many times each article has been cited. The one that has been cited the most is the most influential. The one that has been cited the second most, is the second most influential, and so on
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