Discussion 3 – Competition (Oct 8-26th) You have learned about the various strategies that companies undertake to improve their competitive position in the marketplace. Using the concepts learnt in this chapter, apply it to a company of your choice as you answer the following questions, please provide citations for all the research using your textbook and scholarly resources (minimum one source other than your textbook) as references 1) Each student Pick a local organization/company and post its name in discussion heading), briefly explain its primary area of business, Identify the company’s primary competitors), and tell us something about how it stays ahead of the competition using one of the forces from Porter’s Five Forces Framework. Using scholarly research to support your argument will get you a better grade. As before, the first students to post will have the easiest time. If someone already posted a company then others can not use the same company le. New Company per student) 2) “Reply to one of the above postings from your classmates with some extra info or interesting updates. This discussion is worth 3 maks (2 marks for your original post and 1 mark for replying to someone else). “Tagree” or “Great post is not counted as a reply and will get no marks. The reply posts should add to the discussion. If someone is asking a question then reply to that question before the quiz closes as it might impact your original post grade So, make sure you check the discussion room on the last day
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