In the market that we live in today, technology has made shopping easy and convenient to where we do not have to leave our comforts of home or work. I tend to frequent firearm websites after visiting my local firearms store to gather the needed information prior to making my purchases. I was in the market for a semi-auto shotgun for our home. There are many to choose from with different price points starting at $500 – $1900 that I am willing to spend. Unfortunately, the representative could not answer the questions on the handling of 2 options that were on hand. I had to turn to the internet to answer my questions. I sought recommendations and reviews of the items and weighed the pros and the cons. After gathering all the information, I submitted the needed paperwork, paid for the firearm, and picked up the item once I was notified. of delivery. The entire transaction from start to finish took place with the use of my laptop and cell phone without having interaction with a person until pick up.

I would like to see Panzer produce a video on the product. The design of the firearm to the materials used would give answers to many questions that we consumers may have. This would cut down on the time of visiting different sites to make a decision on which to purchase.

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