An automotive assembly line has 13 elements and wants to service 20 cars per hour.
The work items and their precedence relationships are illustrated in the following table:
:Elemento de Tiempo Predecesor (es) Trabajo (Minutos) Inmediato (s) A 1.8 B 0.4 ? 1.6 --- D 1.5 ?. E 0.7 A F 0.5 E G 0.8 B I 1.4 ? 1 1.4 D J 1.4 F, G K 0.5 ?. L 1.0 J M 0.8 I, KL
a.What is the cycle time in seconds that meets the desired output?
b.What is the minimum number of stations?
c.What are the items assigned to workstation 4?
d.For this balancing, how many stations are necessary to allocate all the work items?
e.What is the efficiency of the line using the actual number of stations for balancing?

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