:Many businesses, organizations and communities today are discovering the powerful knowledge that comes from analyzing the endlessly renewable resource of Big Data, An organization gets even greater value by using analytics to serve its customers better|| through changing how it thinks, works and interacts with them. A smarter enterprise does not stop at merely drawing new insights from Big Data and Analytics. It puts those new insights to work, combining its powerful knowledge with powerful actions. Companies that embrace the full range of opportunities available would not just gain competitive advantage. They will also transform their business models and industries by driving growth in new sectors and new ways. Big data is transforming the competitive environment. With advanced analytics and new data sources, companies in one sector can play a role in the products and services of others, even those far removed from their traditional line of business. Companies that transform their business models in parallel with these shifts will find new opportunities for revenue streams, customers, products, and services. Transformation requires a great deal of change. For both new and existing players, Success requires Having a big data strategy and vision that identifies and capitalizes on new opportunities Fostering a culture of innovation and experimentation with data Understanding how to leverage new skills and technologies, and manage the impact they will have on how information is accessed and safeguarded Building trust with consumers who hold vital data Creating partnerships within and outside the core industry Finding ways to gain insight and implement the results quickly Businesses have long understood that there is value to be extracted from the massive amounts of data generated every day. Yet for all their enthusiasm, most companies are only scratching the surface of the opportunities that awaits them. They are analyzing data for insight, but they have yet to understand the transformative role that data can play in how and where they do business Task This assignment require to select an appropriate organization (Insurance Industry. Food Industry or Education Industry that is in business for at least 3 years. Discuss the company background and business operation of the company. Identify the current problem and challenges endured by the organization. This assignment need to identify prospects of improvement to the organization by introducing analytics. Research and write a report on how this organization can successfully implement analytics solution and information technologies related to business analytics which would result in improvement of their business processes, organizational transformation, higher productivity, business growth, enhanced competitiveness, to have more effective managerial decision making and increased globalization opportunities. The organization selected may be companies incorporated in Malaysia or multinational companies. From the selected organization, identify and describe analytical solution which could be implemented in the organization. Analyze and discuss the benefits and business transformations that these proposed solutions may bring to the organization. The proposed solution or business analytical model should be referenced from reputable journals, white papers, business case studies or valid academic references. This report should be able to propose recommendation with regards to any mode of business transformation, business process improvement, CRM, Supply Chain Management or any relevant scape where analytic solution would value add to the business. Suggested Report Structure: 1. Overview of Organization Type of business organization Product service, market, customers Departments / Division and their roles – Types of Information Systems currently used in the organization Description of Data Information generated by the business o Data format: Structured / Unstructured Source of Data & Purpose of Data Description of Datal Information used from external resources (if any) 2. Analysis of Current Business, problem encountered, gap analysis and competitive environment – Analyze current business environment -Analyze the competitive environment – Identification of current/future problems 3. Proposed Business Analytical solution – Discuss the business transformation scope The Business Intelligence architecture o Business Intelligence Architecture Diagram and description o Benefits of Bl for the organization The Data Warehouse & Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) Data Warehouse Framework Diagram and description Descriptions on data sources, ETL, and data marts – The Predictive Modelling Description of Data Mining Methodology selected o Types of Data Mining Techniques proposed o Benefits of predictive model for the organization 4. Identify the key roles / team who may be involved in this business analytic project team 5. Justify recommendation with valid reference Produce hypothetical analysis of future status of the business if analytical solution is implemented – Discuss the impact of proposed solution with reference to the organization’s productivity, business performance, revenue growth. 6. Conclusion
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