There are two pits from which a mix of materials can be obtained, and the plan is to haul

from these two pits and screen the material on the job to extract the Gravel and Rock

needed. Analysis show that the material at each pit contains the following Rock and

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It costs $8/cu yd for the material from pit A and $1/cu yd per mile to haul it to job site.

Pit B material costs $6/cu yd and costs $2/cu yd per mile to haul. Pit A is 12 miles from

the job site and pit B is 16 miles away. Once on the job site, screening costs will be $8

per cu yd. Because of the equipment available, Pit A can supply no more than 45,000

cu yd/day, and Pit B can supply no more than 30,000 cu yd/day. Set this up as a LP

problem to minimize the total cost.

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