.Consider yourself as a sales representative of Tommy Leather Jacket Store. For example, through an email you have received a complaint from a customer named Ms.Sherya who bought two leather jackets from your store (online site) on 1st September, 2021. Basically after getting the orders from the delivery man, Ms. Sherya got upset to see that one jacket had a size issue and another one was torn. That is why she wrote an email to correct this error either by sending her the new items or refunding full money. Now reply to this email by letting your customer know about solving this issue as per the customer’s demand.

2. For Example, you are the Admin director (use your name) of Real-time Solutions Ltd and the Bangladesh Government is going to reopen everything from mid week of October Write a memo directed towards the ‘HR’ and ‘All Department head’ of Real-time Solutions Ltd, and forward it to ‘CEO’. In order to ensure safety and security inside the organization, make an announcement or office order (use yesterday’s date) to complete their vaccination process by the last week of September and submit a vaccine certificate to their reporting boss.

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