The questions below address issues regarding jurisdiction. To answer the questions correctly, you must explain fully. Good answers include the legal rule, discuss how that rule applies to the case in order to support a conclusion. In other words, you must make an argument.

(1) Missouri was International Shoe Corporation’s principal place of business, but the company employed between 11 and 13 salespersons in the state of Washington. The state of Washington assessed the company for contributions to a state unemployment fund. The state served the assessment on one of International Shoe Corporation’s sales representatives in Washington and sent a copy by registered mail to the company’s Missouri headquarters. International Shoe’s representative challenged the assessment on numerous grounds, arguing that the state had not properly served the corporation. Is the corporation’s defense valid? Why or why not?

(2)Curtis Jackson, a citizen of Florida, is injured in an auto accident in Miami. The driver of the other vehicle is a citizen of New York. Jackson wishes to recover the $10,000 he incurred for medical expenses and repairs to his car. Can Jackson bring an action in federal court?

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